Daydreamers Anonymous: Information on Compulsive Fantasy 


Information for clinicians on Compulsive Fantasy syndrome ("Maladaptive Daydreaming") 

This site is dedicated to informing psychological and psychiatric clinicians on the phenomenon of Compulsive Fantasy, a condition we have studied for several years and which has resulted in at least a thousand individuals posting regularly to several online forums.  As chronic fantasizers are typically extremely secretive regarding their fantasizing behavior, few clinicians are aware of the existance of this phenomenon.  We hope that the material we are making available on this site will help to inform those who may have patients describing these symptoms, and thus encourange research and practice in finding useful treatments.  The links included demonstrate the very large number of individuals who identify as "maladaptive daydreamers" or, as we believe is more appropriate, Compulsive Fantasizers.  There are well over a thousand members in this online community, many of whom complain that their therapists dismiss their complaints as they are not familiar with this syndrome.  We hope that this will change.